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Interim Management

If required, we also support our customers with a fixed project as an interim recruiter or interim HR manager in the context of classic interim management. This is often to bridge the time until a new colleague starts in the relevant HR or recruiting team. In part, however, it is also about compensating for irregular „peak“ times. It is seldom worth creating a fully-fledged position and hiring an expert for this.

What do we mean by HR Consulting?

In our recruiting projects, we are repeatedly confronted with typical HR issues, so we now look at these aspects in a differentiated manner. Examples of such questions are:

  • What salary structure would you consider sensible, in connection with your experience in the market, but also to avoid high fluctuation in the next 2 years?
  • Which form of organization for software development in China would you recommend based on your knowledge of the market and competition?
  • What form of employee evaluation would you recommend for this newly created digital space?
Through years of experience in recruiting, we can successfully solve such issues. In this way, we support our customers beyond the classic search and finding process – nevertheless, the recruiting of specialists and executives remains our clear focus.
Typical areas of application are the HR departments of companies, sometimes also the management directly, when it comes to planning or overall strategies, for example:
  • talent acquisition
  • career planning
  • Management Development I -Consulting
  • Recruitment strategy development
  • recruitment planning

Some of our project examples:

HR Director

Location: Berlin I Germany
Tasks: The bridging period until the start of the new HR Director was 6 months, so that the tasks had to be compensated. What was important during this project was the successful completion of the ongoing projects, so that the new colleague could immediately start presenting a strategy and adapting the organization.



Location: Berlin I Germany
Tasks: The start-up wanted to have an additional recruiter as part of the permanent team for a limited time in order to be able to meet the high demand for new hires.


Head of Recruiting

Location: Munich I Germany
Tasks: During the bridging period of 4 months, interview training for the recruiters should be carried out in order to improve the department’s results in the short term.

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