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Executive Search

At solexas, we know the situations in many companies when it comes to finding the right specialists and executives. Of course, the internal recruiting department can provide very good support here, but not always. Sooner or later, a wide variety of reasons lead to a commitment from us.

Of course, we then organize our procedures in such a way that we can contribute to the solution of the occupation relatively quickly with the first results. Our many years of experience in various sectors and industries help us with this, as does our result-oriented approach.

Would you like to find out more? Executive Search – find the right manager!

Not just a manager, but a personality who can inspire employees, partners and customers. Someone who inspires others and can also serve as a role model.

How do we understand our role in Executive Search?

  • We define the profile you are looking for taking into account the real market conditions
  • We address the target group in a winning but always professional manner
  • We evaluate candidates using standardized methods to avoid bias
  • We only present you with suitable candidates after the shortest possible search time (usually after 2 weeks)
  • We actively advise you as a customer during the first selection round (for which candidate should you actually invest time)
  • We actively support our clients throughout the recruitment process and especially during the final decision-making phase
  • We are always sparring partners for our customers, especially during decision-making processes

What sets us apart? Why should you work with us?


We work for medium-sized and international technology companies in the software and hardware sector.

Especially in the area of executive recruitment, the experience, the direct approach and additional search methods can generate the decisive advantage. This segment is less about quick casts. The goal is to find the right person for the vacant position. In this context, evaluation and methodology are of great importance.

Media / Agency

We work for medium-sized and international media and agency companies.

Especially in the area of media/agency recruitment will be the experience regarding potential personal matches an advantage. In this area you will not find a specific educational background, hence you have to bring together individuals and built a team.

start ups

We work for different start-ups with different products and degrees of organizational maturity.

Some of our project examples:

VP Business Development

Location: Berlin
Occupation after 4 weeks
Challenge: The combination of classic industry experience with the latest digital experience, both technologically, procedurally and in terms of communication

Head of Engineering

Location: Stuttgart
Occupation after 3 weeks
Challenge: Outstanding leadership qualities combined with up-to-date technological knowledge. Outstanding leadership qualities combined with up-to-date technological knowledge


Location: Berlin
Occupation after 4 weeks
Challenge: Very good experience from the international environment in order to set up a development unit in Asia and to be able to lead it professionally

Managing Director

Location: Cologne
Occupation after 5 weeks
Challenge: A very specific personality requirement at the request of the main shareholder, who is not operationally active himself

Head of Performance Marketing

Location: Munich
Occupation after 4 weeks
Challenge: Experiences from the active development and design of complex performance marketing strategies. In addition, experience as a modern manager

VP Sales

Location: Hamburg
Occupation after 4 weeks
Challenge: Experiences from the active development and design of complex performance marketing strategies. In addition, experience as a modern manager
An excellent active network that can be used immediately in order to achieve results. Also experience in successfully building a team
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