Executive Search – finding the right candidates

Every hiring decision is based on a process, but also a risc involved. To reduce the risc as well as the time to hire, but also to maximize the quality an external advisor like solexas can be very helpful.

How do we help you and your business?

  • Define the right profile you are looking for in comparison to the market reality

  • Reach out to the right target group of candidates in a very professional and efficency way

  • Evaluate the candidates with standardized interview methods to avoid bias

  • Present only the right candidates as soon as possible (2 weeks after start)

  • Advise the customer during the first decision round (who should be interviewed by the customer?)

  • Supervise the customer during the whole internal interviewing process and support during the decision phases

  • Being sparring partner within the final decision process

What’s our competence? Why should you collaborate with solexas?

  • We are reliable

  • We are fast

  • We are professional

Some of our recent searches