Interim Management

We are working as Interim Managers with a strong focus on Human Resources. The projects and topics are as different as our customers. We are taking over the responsibility for an are between two managers, for instance. We are supporting your company as inhouse recruiters for a limited time, as long as you need the additional capacity.

Here are some examples from recent projects

Typical Areas of our Projects

The topics in our projects are the important ones within the HR field. We can describe them in four groups:

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting the best talents and talent magnets within a specific field

The recruitment of top talents is independent of economical situations. If companies are not investing in the right people, they will lose money and business in a direct, but also in an indirect way. However it’s not only the necessarity to recruit top talents, it’s also important to find the right people for the company and culture.

Therefore you can use standardized methods as well as reliable processes.

Career Progression I Retention

Supporting the employees to develop their career within the company I support the company to avoid loosing top talents

Companies have to be attractive for talents and high potentials, but also be willing to support them within their career planning. Solid development programs with trainings, coachings and seminars are mandatory.

It can be helpful to integrate a strategy with solid interfaces to other companies in the field and establish a kind of ecosystem, where the talents have the chance to discuss new ideas and projects.

Leadership Development

Train the managers to lead with an innovative reflecting style

Leadership styles are changing from time to time as well as the generations of employees. Therefore companies have to make sure, that their managers are able to handle the new generations and support their people to grow.

There is no standard leadership style that could be the one and only. However you can create an innovative one considering company values and culture.


Develop a holistic HR strategy to establish an innovative structure, that helps to manage the challenges in a sustainable way

The HR strategy is an essential one within the company. It’s important to be aligned with the general company strategy. However you have to create a holistic picture about the organisation, structure, grading system, salary system, development paths and recruiting.

With an innovative HR strategy the companies can basically generate an advance against the competitors.

HR Strategy

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  • longterm strategy
  • holistic approach

HR Process Optimisation

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  • seamless
  • process evaluation
  • innovative

Leadership Coaching

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  • listening
  • empowerment
  • advisory