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Successful HR Operations Projects


Successful Recruiting Projects


Successful Management Audits

Progress of our actual recruiting projects: 70%
Progress of our actual management audit projects: 33%
Progress of our actual HR operations projects: 64%
Progress of our actual analytics and optimisation projects: 13%

At the moment we are working on several projects in Germany. Focus are start up companies as well as enterprises. Most of the projects are located in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich

HR Consulting

what specific services are we offering?

Management Advisory I Salary Advisory I Management Audit I Organisation Building

Based on our experience in collaborating with many different industries and companies, we are able to give you the best advisory within our fields

Management Audit

Management Audits

project basedfix price
  • external skillset evaluation
  • based on established methods

HR Consulting

monthly basedfix fee
  • Feature strategy evaluation1
  • process advisory

HR Workshops

project basedfix price
  • push back discussion
  • design thinking approach