A key element in recruiting new employees is the interview. Some applicants, but also interviewers, describe such a job interview as torture – why?

Applicants get the impression of a kind of exam situation in which uncertainty dominates. As a result, some are extremely excited, which of course is immediately noticeable and leads to different consequences. Others, on the other hand, are quite the opposite, almost arrogantly indifferent. However, this behavior is immediately noticeable.

An interview is usually similar for interviewers and, of course, also for HR professionals or recruiters. Many are excited, or arrogant, but with different motivations than the applicants. With the interviewers, a lack of knowledge, a lack of routine and a lack of respect for the applicant is usually the reason for the wrong attitude, which ultimately results in an average, mostly bad interview.

So what are the most sensible strategies for applicants?

First and foremost, the attitude should be the right one. An interview is not an exam situation, but an evaluation. It’s about whether the constellation between applicant and team can fit. It is important to note that it is better not to make anything fit! A constellation that doesn’t match won’t later either.

Authentic behavior is therefore important. Acting definitely does not bring the desired success. And even if the interviewer is young and inexperienced, the process will involve talking to others. At that point at the latest, the fake behavior will lead to the quick end of the evaluation process.

What is the best attitude for the interviewer?
Respect, preparation, appreciation. Every candidate invests time in an interview and thus more than deserves proper preparation by the interviewer. In this respect, questions that result in a description of the submitted CV are anything but appreciative! The interviewer should have read the CV in advance. At least that is what an applicant can expect.

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